Flyers distribution, distribution of advertising

Flyers – one of the most effective forms of advertising in Moscow. Although it is not always benevolent attitude of residents to distribute advertising, it is obvious that the leaflets give a good return. This is evidenced by millions of readers as leaflets and a large number of firms benefiting from the dissemination of advertising for mailboxes in Moscow. A similar picture can be observed in Western countries, where the costs of distributing leaflets on the boxes in the advertising budgets are the second largest species of local advertising, and second only to outdoor advertising. There advertising mail sent with the mail almost all organizations working with the public.

In Russia, distributed leaflets are usually not associated with post-profit organizations. Distribution of flyers made kit consisting usually of 5-7 leaflets. Thus, one can drastically reduce the cost of distributing leaflets of the customer. Also, in recent years, companies have begun to better distribute promotional materials. There is a tendency of transition to full color A4 leaflets, catalogs, brochures.


Leaflets can be effective for all businesses and organizations offering their goods and services to the public. Assessing the potential effectiveness of distribution of promotional leaflets to be considered the need of the population in the proposed service or product, the expected benefits and benefit, the price level in relation to the same goods and services.

From a technology perspective on advertising leaflets, its effectiveness is mainly determined by three parameters:

  • quality distribution of leaflets in mailboxes;
  • quality of the layout and printing services;
  • correct choice of areas to distribute leaflets;

Quality Distribution of flyers

Talking about the quality of posting flyers, above all, means the presence and size of additions or marriage posting. Essentially it is a question of establishing a true circulation of advertising, it has come down to the consumer. So, add to your company that works with 10% of marriages should be 10% correct performance indicators such leaflets, as the cost of a call (sales) and the number of calls (sales). You can also go the other way and increase your advertising costs by 10%.

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For firms engaged posting, this level of marriage allows you to set prices for their services is 10% lower, while maintaining the profitability of their businesses. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the issue of quality control posting is especially important when working with companies to print them carried by the same runs, as in this case, the “savings” is doubled.

Distribution of leaflets in mailboxes

There are several schemes to distribute leaflets in mailboxes. For example, can distribute leaflets home workers. However, this method of propagation of the mailboxes in Moscow has a number of drawbacks, such as:

  • the complexity of the control dimensions of the printed edition;
  • the complexity of managing deadlines posting;
  • complexity of control over the quality of posting from the customer;

In “RA Nomex» © implemented a way to distribute flyers in mailboxes. Our staff members on a daily basis at the beginning of the working day report on the work done the previous day and get a new job on posting. After that, each of the workers sent to your site to work. The next morning we get the full details of exactly where leaflets were distributed in mailboxes, which means that we can quickly organize the control posting.