Distribution of leaflets

What kind of return you can expect from the distribution of leaflets

It would be desirable to know in advance what will be the return from handing out leaflets, unfortunately, it can only assume about. Statistics show numbers from 0.1 to 10%. If you look on the forums, you will find numbers in 2, 3 or even 5%. Everyone in their own way. In any case it depends not only on the demand for your product or service, but also on many other factors. Therefore, if you so want this figure, take for convenience by averaging one percent.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the distribution of less than 30,000 leaflets almost does not make sense. In the distribution of at least 100,000, you will already be able to get their own statistics, if it is so important. And in the distribution of more than 300,000 leaflets you get a result, even with the worst leaflet, just according to the law of large numbers. But, in fact, it is worth thinking about how to make a flyer and share the most effective.

How to make a flyer and share the very most effective

Firstly, the leaflet should be drawn up so that people only saw her, immediately realized that he offered, otherwise he’ll do it without reading it, or just do not take. A better way to do this was a business card – it is very convenient to save up for the right moment. (To learn how to make an effective flyer, written in the article Leaflets and booklets – the rules of effective advertising).

Secondly, you need to choose a place of distribution – there should not be just a lot of people, but also the high density of the target audience.

Third, choose the right time. For example, hand out leaflets to all and sundry in the metro better in the afternoon or in the evening when people are not in such a hurry in the morning, flying to work and are more receptive to information.

Fourth, you need to choose the best slogan that will shout promoters, not only with the purpose of advertising, how to attract the attention of the crowd of those people whom the topic is relevant at this point. Then they will come to the promoters of the information, and will get more accurate distribution of leaflets in the target audience. In fact, there are hundreds of subtleties, knowing that, you can greatly increase the efficiency of the action, so it is easy to contact us.

How much is the distribution of leaflets

Comparing the prices of different agencies, you will find spread from 3 to 4 dollars per hour promoter, plus a variety of markups, commissions and rates from the top. So to compare prices on the price is simply impossible. Therefore, to get the exact price, ask to make payment and get by dividing the final cost of the 1st leaflets (or 1 hour of operation).

The main value of a share of the cost of work promotional staff. It is also worth to take into account the cost of printing leaflets, clothes for promoters (if you do) and stomost agreement with the points (if the leafleting occurs on someone else’s territory).

Calculating the cost of operation of promotional staff

A promoter, depending on the time and place gives 100 to 200 (mean 150) leaflets per hour.
If you want to distribute, say, 100,000 leaflets per week (7 days), giving them 4 hours a day, it would take 24 promoter.

To organize the work of promoters on the points, to protect them from possible problems of street, watch out for flyers and bring up new, providing the finest performance on 24 promoter need 4 supervisor. Carries out the action, ring up and collects staff instructs him, puts on points, collect reports and manages all processes coordinator of the action. On the 28th person one coordinator cope. And in order to unite all the team and develop the consistency and accuracy of each action, we need training.