Distribution of flyers

As distributed leaflets in which cases it is convenient and why it may be necessary. What kind of return you can expect from handing out leaflets, and how much it costs. And also how to make the most efficient distribution of leaflets.

How to distribute leaflets

Depending on the target audience you want to reach, to distribute leaflets in two ways. They can distribute the metro (in the street, in shopping malls, etc.), selecting potential customers of the streams of people. And you can lay on the cars (for windshield wipers) on the spontaneous parking. And it happens that the same action using both methods. In some cases it is convenient to use the distribution of leaflets:

– When you want to have the client remains your card with a phone number, directions, discount coupons, etc.
– When you prefer to select a target audience by external features (eg, car owners cars or women under 45).
– When you prefer to select a target audience by geography (eg, notify local residents about what you have opened).
– When you want to inform all residents of Moscow about your product, service, brand or price changes, a new version, or something else.

In the latter case, the value is not so much the duration of the action, as the number of distributed leaflets, because in this case the number of “shoots” depends on the number of seeded “grain”.

Another option, when you spend any advertising campaign and you need to draw attention to it or to create a flow of potential customers to the venue. Then distributed leaflets (convertible) for the respective days. In this case, the advertisement may be not so much the leaflets themselves as promoters, standing in the “strategic” locations, and also working as a barker.